Thursday, August 12, 2010

Greetings Wingnuts

This will serve as a post on my own blog and Where Are My Keys, where I have won a guest-writer position through sheer mathematical chance. My suspicion is that the contest was rigged because let's face it, why guest someone who will write what you already would?

There's no point in getting into too much detail here. After all, that's what the comments section is for. I do want to point one thing out, regarding that generic candidate poll that Madeline's Dad (nice guy, had a steak with him once) keeps trotting out: a recent poll that he himself cited yesterday includes this item:

Q14 - If the candidates for President in 2012 were Basil Marceaux and Barack Obama, who would you vote for?

Basil Marceaux...21%
Barack Obama...46%
Undecided ...33%
See, a generic Republican might win, but when you throw around specific names things change. And don't go dragging those Undecideds into this - they're not likely voters, are they. And probably if they knew who Basil Marceaux was, they'd go with Obama.
Okay, onward to bigger things. Look, as hard as it is to believe, the difference between Liberals and Conservatives is fairly minute. Neither category wants to destroy America. In fact both are bent on making America a better place. Seriously. Calling the people who disagree with you on public spending policy "traitor" or "Hitler" misses the point. It's stupid when it happens at Daily Kos and it's stupid when it happens here. If I call you guys on it rather than the far-left commenters, that's because it's depressing to confront your own crazies.

And when you reject people's ideas just because they classify themselves differently, you wind up throwing out a lot of good ideas. When the Stimulus passed, it may be the first time in modern history that Republicans were almost unanimously against a middle-class tax cut.

One more thing - the Tea Party is not your friend. It's going to split your vote the way Ross Perot did in '92. Only the 'baggers could produce a candidate that makes Harry Reid look good. Beware of them. If you are them, let me encourage you to speak out. It helps the moderates decide who to vote for.

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