Friday, August 27, 2010

I Have A Dream - A Really Scary Dream

There's no way I'm attending Glenn Beck's MLK-themed rally this weekend, unless I'm sleepwalking. Still I'm glad he's having it, because it throws the racial terror of conservatives into an especially sharp relief.

Much has been made of the fact that Martin Luther King's niece Aveda King is speaking at the event. I found it telling that a caller to Stephanie Miller's show yesterday thought she was called Coretta Scott King. They all look alike? Close enough? We report, you decide.

Just a reminder that Glenn Beck is so frightened of the black man that he thinks six of them can sway an election, and he fears a black dance troupe as if they were a private army. If there are white men at the rally with rifles, the right will consider them to be exercising their constitutional rights; if black men have clubs, they'll be wrestled to the ground and taken away.

Well, here's hoping for a best-case scenario - no politics (as promised) no hate speech, and a Martin Luther King like message of acceptance and brotherhood. Anyone takin' bets?

(By the way, about those sleep disorders - I actually had #2 once and it wasn't scary. It was hot.)


Publius said...

Apparently you saw and/or know precisely nothing about what happened that day if you think there was any "racism" involved. Stop letting the profane Wankette program you, my friend.

Danielk said...

The event was indeed very non-racist. Indeed, Beck went out of his way to cite "our churches, our synagogues, our mosques" during his speech. The stuff I'm talking about in this post comes from Beck's earlier material.