Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Grand Canyon

Here's the Phoenix Fox Affiliate, talking about Arizona's big primary today:

The Secretary of State's Office is expecting 20-25 percent of voters to hit the polls Tuesday.

...Political analyst Mike O'Neil has his theory. "It has been a pretty nasty campaign in some of the races. There has been fighting back and forth and it may not be clear who is telling the truth. That may induce some voters to wait until the last minute -- there may be a little bit of a surge on Election Day -- but probably the biggest factor in suppressing turnout is the fact that the big enchiladas, the gubernatorial and senatorial nominations, appear to be fixed. And those are the marquee contests that tend to bring people in to vote."

Polls show that John McCain has a big lead over JD Hayworth, and the governor's race between Jan Brewer and Terry Goddard won't be addressed until the November election.
So, mighty Tea Party, how's that mobilization going?

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