Friday, May 26, 2006

Candypants: Where Have All the Archies Gone?

Last night, on a whim, I got in the car and drove across town to see Candypants. There is a small but vital bubblegum rock movement in this town and Candypants makes better bubblegum than anyone. They understand that kind of music. It's the perfect blend of just enough of the right kinds of noise, and no more than that. A sweet spot, if you will.

Check out four of their songs on Myspace. I'd do it myself but my work firewall has a Candypants filter.

I also harbor a not-exactly-secret crush on lead singer Lisa Jennio. She has a killer rack, red hair and devastating comic timing. The patter is often the best part of their shows. And she has this precocious little-girl quality. The first time I ever saw the band (they were on a bill with the Sugarplastic) I had no idea who they were, but I noticed this girl in the manga schoolgirl clothes with the horn-rimmed specs wandering around the club. Gradually they got on stage to set up and Lisa put her flute case on the floor (yeah, that's right - guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and flute) then needed to pick it up. She turned around, bent at the waist to retrieve it, and went on with the setup, oblivious. I thought - she must know what she's doing there, but she doesn't act like it - brilliant!

Most of their songs are about sex, with veiled or unveiled references to promiscuity, inter-generational romance ("One day/you can watch your toddlers at play/the way/your grandfather watched you") rough oral pleasure, teen sexual angst, sloppy seconds; basically filthy songs delivered in the most perky, innocent way. It kills me that these guys only have one album out. It kills me that they aren't famous. On the other hand, it's great for me because I don't like crowds.

Lisa et al... If you're reading, get some Valley gigs! Echo Park is a long way to drive on a weeknight. Or just play at the house. We'll cook for you and put you all up for the night.

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