Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Reason For You To Switch To Satellite

So last December my friend Priscilla invited me to sing on her cable access show. She also manages some acts, and a few months previous we had gone to see one of them at a nice hotel in Thousand Oaks, and when someone requested New York New York (if you solicit requests, NYNY is inevitable - ask any pianist) the singer didn't know it, but I did so I volunteered. And everyone was shocked, though I think it was the dancing bear effect - it's not that the bear is a good dancer, it's that you can get it to wear a tutu in the first place. Anyway, I was pleasant enough to get an invite on the show.
So I left work early to get across town to the Adelphia studios in Silverlake. I had been rehearsing a couple of songs - one of them I wrote myself! - but I was really looking forward to the interview segment. After all, I'm not interested in a career as a singer, but I have two podcasts and three blogs and I hope to generate a little ad-based cash out of them some day.
Before long Andrea Miller showed up - she was the other guest on the show. Very pretty, extremely talented, and someone who ACTUALLY MAKES A LIVING SINGING! Seriously, she has a house gig at the Ritz-Carlton in Pasadena and everything. No day job! So Priscilla comes in and does a little pre-interview and that's when she reminded me that I said I didn't want to do an interview segment. When she asked me on the show I only had the one podcast. I turned over my self-made backing track and girded my loins. I would close the show with a couple of tunes.
Without any interview to prepare for, I spent my time in the green room trying to diagnose the rolling bar on the monitor feed from the control room. I used to run into this all the time but it's been ages since I edited video, and I knew better to touch other people's equipment, so I contented myself with making snarky comments about the book show interview with Erica Jong that was on the outside feed, and watching Albert (Priscilla's main squeeze and a terrific guitarist) switch the cables.
Andrea did a great interview, and sang a couple of perfect jazz tunes, and then I went on. I realized going in that my greatest misfortune was that I was following someone who had, you know, talent. How was I? Beats me. Probably odd is the best way to describe it. It would be like following Sting with Andy Dick. Afterward the keyboardist, Stephen Boyd, said he thought I was "interesting." I told him I liked his work in FANTASTIC VOYAGE. He, by the way, was also fabulous.
I've already booked the show for September, and I intend to sing a little (a little Sinatra, BTW) and talk a lot. I think it will be a better showcase. I'll post the clip of this first appearance as soon as I get a copy, but if you subscribe to Adelphia and want to watch the show, consider switching channels after that 2nd PSA. You'll thank me for this advice.

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