Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Opus Vs. Opie

Ron Howard, director of the DaVinci Code movie, is refusing the demand of Opus Dei that a disclaimer be put on the front of the film. The organization, to be fair, is depicted in the novel and movie as a ruthless conspirator in a multi-millenial cover-up. The disclaimer reportedly was to be a reminder that the movie is a work of fiction; "(it) could have been a way to show [Sony Pictures] wants to be fair and respectful in its treatment of Christians," said a US spokesman for Opus Dei.

Sounds reasonable but as Mr. Howard points out, spy thrillers don't open with disclaimers like that. The Odessa File didn't have to include a little note from Germany reminding you that they weren't harboring a Nazi sub-culture bent on reviving the Third Reich. Michael Jackson's Thiller video didn't have a disclaimer saying that depicting zombies doesn't endorse a belief in the occult... actually, that did happen, but it was Jacko's choice. One of a weird series of 'em.

What is Opus Dei anyway? If you're interested click on the link. The fact that you can is the best argument Ron Howard has in this little publicity grab. Another argument is that the movie is so outlandish and dopey that if you base your impression of Opus Dei on it, then you may be an idiot.

I'm guessing about the movie - the BOOK is outlandish and dopey, God knows.

My use of the term "God knows" is not meant to imply knowledge of the situation on the part of God, who must have better things to do.

This whole thing reminds me of an Elvis Costello song, "God's Comic," in which the narrator meets God in heaven:

"So there he was on a waterbed, drinking a cola (of mystery brand),
reading an airport novelette, listening to Andre Lloyd Webber's Requiem."
He said, before it had really begun, 'I prefer the one about my son.
I've been sitting here wading through all of this unbelievable junk
and wondering if I should have given the world to the monkeys'."

Opus Dei means "God's work." If anybody should know how silly this controversey is, it's them.

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