Monday, August 07, 2006

As Soon As The Lights Come Back On, We're Watching You Like a Hawk

Even those groovy new power strips can't help the NSA, which is threatening to exceed their electrical supply. The Baltimore Sun reports that the agency predicts blackouts within the next two years, which could cause data loss and downtime. If something isn't done immediately, their ability to conduct domestic wiretaps on the presidents political enemies could be compromised.
I'm skeptical about this story for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the several officials who went on record for the story are STILL WORKING FOR THE NSA. Add to this the way they point out that the problem was forseen 10 years ago, but the administration at the time did nothing about it. Hmmm, which administration was running things 10 years ago... but what the hell, it makes good copy.
According to the Sun the agency is already hamstrung, unable to install expensive supercomputers for fear they would take down the overtaxed NSA grid. Isn't that just admitting bad spending habits?
Well, presumably the terrorists now know that the time to talk to each other is during a heat wave on the east coast. OMG, that's right now! Get 'em! Then lock up the Baltimore Sun, which is traitorously publishing stories which abet the enemy. Oh, and then give medals to everyone to went on record for it.

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