Friday, August 25, 2006

Promise Us Everything, Give Us Moon

If you were knocking around in the seventies, you remember Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Bizarro-world cult leader, known for brainwashing youths and taking all their money; producer of the worst-war-movie-ever INCHON; the reverend who presided over creepy group weddings of a hundred thousand couples at the same time, after which he took all their money. The Reverend dropped from the scene and after that his twisted influence faded from the American Scene.
Oh, I'm mistaken. This blog by John Gorenfeld is solely devoted to tracking the movements, the orbit of you will, of the Reverend Moon in Washington. And he's all over too! He owns the uber-conservative WASHINGTON TIMES (and therefore Tony Blankley); he held a ceremony at the Senate Office Building in which he had himself declared the Messiah (and lots of Senators were there... read who they were and vote 'em out) and he's pumping his money into the Republican party like there ain't no tomorrow. And presumably as the messiah, whether there is a tomorrow or not is his call.
Reverend Moon is the dark matter of American Politics, something you don't see but whose influence explains many anomolies of the people you do see.

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