Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tragedy Plus Time = Comedy

In this case the tragedy is the potential tragedy of the recent London terrorist arrests, and the comedy is SNAKES ON A PLANE opening at #1 in the box office. In fact, it is several slots above Oliver Stone's movie about the World Trade Center tragedy. So my question is, why aren't people avoiding SoaP, in light of the almost-tragic events of recent times?
I'll tell ya why; 'cause that's why I'm here. The majority of people don't believe it was a real threat. They've trotted enough of these "terrorist arrests" in front of us that we are starting to recognize them for the publicity stunts that they are. (BTW, if we're really in a "war on terror" why arrest? And if we're arresting, why is it a war? Can we get some consistancy please?)
SoaP is a beacon that heralds the demise of the Neocon fear machine. Aloha, Neocon Fear Machine! See you at the turn of the NEXT century! Now we can go back to fearing fear itself. And prefering liberty to death. Enough is enough! I'm tired of all these muthaf****n snakes on this muthaf****n political system!

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