Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hitler-Themed Restaurant Changes Name

Associated Press, Dateline BOMBAY, India - The owner of a restaurant named after Adolf Hitler said Thursday he will change its name because it angered so many people.
Puneet Sablok said he would remove Hitler’s name and the Nazi swastika from billboards and the menu. He had said the restaurant’s name — “Hitler’s Cross” — and symbols were only meant to attract attention.
Sablok made the decision after meeting with members of Bombay’s small Jewish community.
“Once they told me how upset they were with the name, I decided to change it,” he said. “I don’t want to do business by hurting people.”
Sablok said he had not yet decided on a new name.

  1. Saddam's Waffles.
  2. Pol Soup-Pot.
  3. Macaca's.
  4. Lampshades - Just Lampshades.
  5. Lower Caste Swill Cafe.

If Sablok picks any one of these, he better cut me in for a piece.

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