Friday, August 11, 2006

A Common-Sense Reminder About Terrorism

You have nothing to worry about.
Terrorism is violence performed in a limited way, on a small area, to foster the implication that it could happen to you, so you better do as the terrorists say. And for god's sake you better protect yourself.
But you can't. Currently airports are screening all carry-on liquids in the same way that they screen random shoes, for explosives. A stupid terrorist will attempt to use these methods to blow up a plane, but a smart one will simply come up with a different way that we're not screening for. You can't stop that.
And you don't have to. The chances of you suffering from a terrorist attack are very, very small. You're more likely to be hit by a car, or suffer a freak brain embolism. Or have a safe fall on you. You can't live your life guarding against that kind of stuff; it's senseless. Even Isrealis I have spoken to say that they don't fear terrorist attack because it just doesn't happen where they live.
If we continue to treat terrorists as the driving policy force in this country, instead of the marginal crackpots they are, then yes, the terrorists have won.
PS: Speaking of logic, why are the Democrats considered the weak-on-terrorists party? When a Democrat ran the country, terrorists only achieved property damage against the WTC parking lot. If anything, Republicans are the ones endangering us, from the evidence. And don't bring up McVeigh; I think he leaned to the right. It implies that the Republicans ARE the terrorists.

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