Friday, September 08, 2006

Me, Giggling Like a Schoolgirl

So for a guy who gave up all showbiz concerns a few years back, I'm doing an awful lot of acting this month.
Tomorrow I'll be appearing at one of Rookie McPherson's Super Singles Parties. This is a much-loved occasional gig of mine, in which I impersonate "Mr. Wrong", a character who chats up the guests in an effort to get them out of their shells. I myself have a shell as thick as a bank vault door, so going to a party and getting to be someone else (with the added bonus that when I go home alone, it's a GOOD thing!) is almost irresistible. Sad anecdote about these parties - the number one complaint I hear at these parties from men is that all the women are over 40, and they wish there were more hotties. From women, the same thing in reverse. Love the one you're with people!
A couple of nights ago I auditioned for a community theatre production of HERE LIES JEREMY TROY, a 3 act bedroom farce being put on by the Conejo Players in Thousand Oaks. I'm in! We open in mid-November. I'm not the lead, but the lead's kooky best friend, the part played by Darrin McGavin in the Broadway production. The text calls for someone 25-35. A couple of weeks ago I tried out for another bedroom farce playing a man 40-45, but my freakishly boyish features thwarted the attempt.
So I'm going to be rehearsing 3 nights a week, out among PEOPLE instead of skulking in my home office. Can't wait to see how THAT works out.
Oh, and I got the raise I asked for at work.
Some weeks are indeed better than others.

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