Monday, September 18, 2006

Ungrateful Bastards

The first successful penis transplant has failed. The operation was a success - the blood supply was fine and the patient was even urinating normally after only 10 days. The patient was 44 years old and the donor organ was from a 22 year old, and I think we can all agree that that would be every 44-year-old's dream. However, the patient (and his wife) asked that the transplant be removed, finding it too creepy. Probably as creepy as you've found this paragraph.
The Guardian reports that the operation took place in China on a man whose penis had been reduced to a 1 inch stump by an unspecified accident. Left without the ability to urinate, have sexual intercourse, or write a rock musical about the experience, he agreed to the experimental surgery.
It would be difficult to lose a penis but perhaps even more difficult to know that your johnson is at once the thing you most identify with and yet completely alien to you. Mid-life crisis is bad enough without THAT.
Still, if you remember THE HANDS OF ORLOFF you know the potential this situation has for a movie. If you know Paul Verhoeven, please please please talk him out of it.

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