Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nice Guys Give Blood Samples

I went in this morning for a blood test (annual checkup, nothing serious) and was struck by my male nurse's comments. He kept telling me what a nice guy I was. And I am a nice guy but it seemed to really stand out to this guy. I'll add that he found my shy vein in a matter of seconds, so I was especially pleased with his work - usually it takes half an hour and four entry points to get blood outta me.
Conclusions one can reach:

  1. People are unpleasant when they give blood.
  2. People are unpleasant when they've been fasting.
  3. People are unpleasant at that hour of the morning.
  4. There is something about this guy that pisses people off.
  5. I'm unusually cheerful because of the raise and the community theatre gig.
  6. Walking to the hospital instead of driving makes me less cranky.
  7. He was coming on to me.
  8. His thick Cuban accent brings out the racist in many people.
  9. I'm grateful to only be bleeding from one area, and it shows.
  10. I'm just nicer than the average person.

Regardless, it's great that the bloodletting was such a nice experience. A week from now when they tell me that my cholesterol is thicker than molasses and my heart must be taken out and reamed with pipe cleaners, I might be a little more unpleasant. Right now I'm riding high.

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