Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1:1 Scale Model Car Kit

Attention Skot - This has got to appeal to you. Model car enthusiasts recreate a table-top display of model cars WITH THE ACTUAL CARS THEMSELVES, along with faithful scaled up glue, parts trees, and enamel paint. Hat tip to BoingBoing. My only worry is that this exhibit may be the seventh sign of the apocalypse; but it could also just mean that Bert I. Gordon is rising from the grave.


Skot said...

Okay, that's pretty odd. I have to admire their dedication to the premise, however.

Chris tends to laugh when he sees those low-slung Lexus SUVs tooling around. They look just like scaled-up Hot Wheels.

I don't know if this qualifies as equally nuts, but I did make a 1/25 scale model of my '56 Panel truck. It's on the truck website: in Volume 18.


Danielk said...

I remember seeing that model. It's beautiful. You need to build a miniature Karen for the front seat.