Friday, April 06, 2007

Keith Can Relax About The Ashes

First of all, it's been widely reported that Keith Richards was just kidding about snorting his father's ashes with cocaine. But really, just because he says he didn't, how would he know? He probably insists he's a drummer twice a day at this point.

However, according to Slate magazine, there is no pressing health danger in snorting cremated remains. There might be, if you do it all the time, of course. It would be similar to black lung disease. And there's a slim chance that you could get mercury poisening from the remains of people's fillings. But on the whole, snorting up your relatives pales compared to the risks of the cocaine itself. Or falling out of trees, for that matter. If you haven't already, go for it Keith. Joseph Campbell would be proud.

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