Wednesday, April 11, 2007

His Son Is Working For The Daily Mail

A follow-up to yesterday's piece about BBC Haterz:


It was the day that a host of BBC executives and star presenters admitted what critics have been telling them for years: the BBC is dominated by trendy, Left-leaning liberals who are biased against Christianity and in favour of multiculturalism.

The above quoted from the Daily Mail. Click on my title for the link. But before you do, put a little money on the barrel - what do you bet that the above paragraph is a direct quote from anyone?

And does the following sound a tiny bit like white paranoia to you:

At the secret meeting in London last month, which was hosted by veteran broadcaster Sue Lawley, BBC executives admitted the corporation is dominated by homosexuals and people from ethnic minorities, deliberately promotes multiculturalism, is anti-American, anti-countryside and more sensitive to the feelings of Muslims than Christians.

Political pundit Andrew Marr said: 'The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It's a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal bias not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias.'

Former BBC business editor Jeff Randall said he complained to a 'very senior news executive', about the BBC's pro-multicultural stance but was given the reply: 'The BBC is not neutral in multiculturalism: it believes in it and it promotes it.'

Much of my experience with the BBC comes from the BBC World Service, which broadcasts to, you know, the world. An organization like that would pretty much have to be multicultural in nature, wouldn't it? I don't know much about the Daily Mail (beyond the Beatles reference to it in PAPERBACK WRITER) but Simon Walters, who wrote this article, displays a spot of the old skinhead bias. A big spot. To tell the truth, it's creeping me out. It looks like THE WALL was about 25 years ahead of its time.

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