Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm not kidding. This last week I've read three blog posts about the leftist bias at the BBC, and they all have had an article at the London TELEGRAPH as their source. I don't think Murdoch is behind the Telegraph, but something is definately fishy there.

Under the headline HERO'S TALE IS "TOO POSITIVE" FOR THE BBC, a story of the cancellation of a 90-minute dramatization about Johnson Beharry, who won the Victoria's Cross in Iraq. The story quotes the fired producers of the show, who believe that the BBC is bowing to anti-war pressure. Nobody from the BBC itself responds to the charge. Still, this is not an editorial; which makes this paragraph a little troubling:

The BBC's decision to pull out will only confirm the fears of critics that television drama is only interested in telling bad news stories about the war.

Damn that MSM and their left-wing bias! Once can easily imagine the BBC pulling out because the script was bad, and not talking because it would be damaging to the producers.

The Telegraph is also the paper of record for BBC SHOULD DUMB DOWN, SAYS OWN REPORT, though again the BBC (and the report, which has not yet been completed or published) say no such thing. The Telegraph, though, includes this as its 2nd graf:
Executives at the corporation have always denied that it is a bastion of the liberal elite, pandering to the young, upmarket and metropolitan.

"Liberal Elites?" What the hell is the word liberal doing in there? What does that have to do with this story? Nothing, as it turns out. But they threw it in anway. Again, not an editorial; this was presented as straight reporting. Note the usual lack of named sources.

My friend at Publius' Forum says these articles are proof of bias at the BBC; I say it's proof that the Telegraph wants to smear the competion.

This concerns me because there are few news organizations that try harder to avoid bias than the BBC news. By going after their entertainment programs the Telegraph paints the whole corporation as biased, and therefore you should stop trusting them and trust, say, the Telegraph instead. Colbert was right - the truth itself has a liberal bias! At least it does when you look at it from the far right edge.

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