Friday, July 13, 2007

The Photo the GOP Wants To Hide

This ranks with the "George Bush Can't Find the Exit Door" and "press conference in front of a cemetary" photo ops and the best Republican Encapsulation of recent times - the stage at the NAACP Republican debate. Note Tom Tancredo... and NO ONE ELSE! They all had "scheduling conflicts."

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wamk said...

I give Tancredo credit for going into the lions den, while the others did not.

Intersting that you find it a problem that the Republican candidates didn't go to the NAACP.

I don't seem to recall you being upset at the Dems for not wanting to have a debate on FoxNews.

I guess I have to look further back in the archieves for that one.

Bottom line in my mind is that if Candidates for the most powerful office in the World can't go into "hostile" debate locales, how in the heck are they going to deal with Countries like Iran when they hold the title of POTUS?

Cowards on the Left, cowards on the Right.

Except for Tancredo.