Monday, July 02, 2007

An Hiatus

Regular readers of this blog (and I swear it's more than Skot and WAMK) will be disappointed, or perhaps relieved, that I'm going to be knocking off blogging for a while. I got stuff to do. May I suggest using the RSS feed, to monitor when the hibernation is over?

In the meantime, I'm told there are other sources of crackpot opinions all over the web, and I encourage you to take advantage of them.


WAMK said...


No Piker for awhile?

Say it ain't so. Will you still be visiting WAMK to leave comments?

Danielk said...

Yeah, as it turns out.

WAMK said...

Michael Jordan "unretires", and shows up wearing jersey #45, instead of his "regular" #23.

The same holds true for Piker. Gone less than a week, he has returned to blog once again.

We all know you are #1 in our hearts, but what number will you be wearing now that you are back?

Danielk said...

I am not a number! I am a human being!

Okay, Number 6 will do.

wamk said...

You know why 6 was scared, right?

'Cause 7 8 9.

I miss the third grade.

GWK said...

Once you're part of the Crips or Bloods, Piker, you can NEVER leave - you're ALWAYS part of "the family".

Didn't you know this before you tried it?