Friday, June 29, 2007

Start the Revolution Without Me

My previous post was jumpstarted by footage of a man grabbing a mic from a Fox News reporter, which I watched at work without sound. What I'm reading now is that the assailant was actually stealing an iPhone and the mic probably just looked like another cool gadget to him.

So he wasn't making any kind of damn statement at all, except "I'm stupid enough to attempt robbery on live television".

Skot's comment intrigues me - do bloggers share a distrust of news that the rest of the country doesn't? Well, I have taken most things I see on TV with a sack of rock salt (suitable for clearing snowy driveways) for a long time now. And WAMK has made no secret of the fact that he believes the MSM has a liberal bias. So yes, all bloggers share the view.

Something that fascinates me: Chris Matthews. If you're on the left, he's practically a neo-con. If you're on the right, he's a flaming liberal. No matter what he does, everybody thinks he's biased in the opposite direction. Matthews has a unique gift: whatever it is that allows people to blend with ease in various gatherings, he's got the opposite of that.

As far as the blogosphere, the entire news media shares that gift. No matter who you ask, the one thing that everyone agrees on is the news is lying to us and trying to force an agenda down our throats, but once in a while they throw our side a bone to appear balanced. An objective observer might note that this pan-spectrum jaundice suggests the media ARE fair.

But there are no objective observers nowadays, are there?

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