Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Blog is Worth...

You know that picture of George Washington to the side - yeah, the field is editable. I wish I'd figured that out months ago... I could have attracted investors.

Actually what I wish is that investors hadn't figured it out.

The thing that steams me is it's supposed to take its value from web traffic. Since I have virtually none (hi Skot! hi MD!) I'd expect the figure to be zero, but how come I can change it myself? I'll never trust George Washington again. Just one more Washington I'll never trust again, I suppose.


Skot said...

Hi Dan! (Wow, he remembers me! *swoon*)

Can you change GW for, say, Ben Franklin? 'Sall 'bout the Benjamins, dog.


Danielk said...

OMG! I totally could! I'd have to crop to match the current pic, of course. Hell, I could put YOU in there, which might be pretty damn funny. Isn't there a PS plugin for that engraved-line-drawing look?