Friday, June 01, 2007

Thanks To the Commenters

It's more fun to crank this stuff out when people write back to disagree with you. My most frequent commenter has been my ol' pal Skot; and I want to welcome "Madeline's Dad", a man who takes his identity from his very fatherhood. See him as WAMK under a few recent evolution-based threads.

Less frequent, but memorable commenters have included a guy from Reason Magazine Online who wrote to discuss the orgins of "jump the shark"; a kid who ridiculed me for being all emo, and a Film professor who was pleased that I noticed the deeper undercurrents of STARSHIP TROOPERS. I love you all, except the emo kid, whom I will kill if we ever meet.

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wamk said...

I love "Starship Troopers". It's one of those movies (like "Tommy Boy" and "Roadhouse",) that once I come across 'em surfing, the clicker stops.

I get embarrassed when my wife walks in on me watching "Roadhouse" tho. It's such a good "bad" movie. I have a hard time explaining to her why I like it.

"Troopers" is a whole different animal. Teens fighting giant, angry, pus-filled bugs. "Service means Citizenship". Guys getting their arms and legs ripped off by big "ants". Good stuff.