Saturday, June 16, 2007

Document Dump: RNC Fundraising Letter

If you saw my previous post, but you never get this kind of mail, you may enjoy these.


wamk said...

Check it out!!

You link your blog to the letter from the RNC, and your blog is suddenly worth close to $13.

All this time, toiling for the Democrats, and your work is worth $0. But one little post about the RNC money machine, and your blog shoot up in value instantly.

Now that your blog is finanicaly viable, I suggest you take out a small loan, using the value of your blog as colateral. (I'm sure someone at your bank-employer will sign off on it). Then send the $$ to the RNC.

Share the wealth!

Danielk said...

I don't want to send $12 - it would just be a tease. They couldn't even mail a page and a half of that survey with $12. Some poor Republican would only get a fraction of the talking points they need.

Incidentally I wish I could have posted the actual Census; it was printed in color on legal-sized paper and wouldn't fit my scanner. Legal-sized: any poll looks legitimate on it!

wamk said...

graphs and charts in color are way cooler than in black and white!

Danielk said...

And 80% more accurate as well!

Skot said...

$7.12 at last check: WTF, Dan?

Man, this is just like that John Carpenter movie THEY LIVE. Buy in, and suddenly your accounts get fatter.

Go for it, but remember; Lucrum orbis terrarum , perdo vestri animus.


wamk said...

Your post on the Magna Carta must have caused your blog-value to decline.

Best to delete quickly, before the value goes negative.

I'm just sayin'.

Danielk said...

They can take our blog value, but they'll never take our FREEDOM!

wamk said...

Don't look now, but...

"They" HAVE taken your blog value.

At least now your blog is "worth the paper it's printed on.", and not "$0.00".

You should have jumped on my financing idea while your value was over $12. You could have had a ton of In-n-Out burgers!

Next time, strike fast!

Skot said...

Wait: "Worth the paper it's printed on." That's not bad, It's a blog, see, and... 'Cause it's printed on... D'Oh!

Just who the hell sets that number?


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