Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

I'm at work, and the computers are running slower than the plot of Pirates of The Caribbean 3. Our IT guy says we're the victim of a denial of service attack. He believes it's the work of firewall companies or security software publishers.

Normally I'd laugh at that kind of talk, but it rings true here because we are a Mortgage Lender company. Who the hell directs DOS attacks at people like us? Not 13-year-old Norwegian hackers - it wouldn't be funny enough. Disgruntled borrowers possibly, but people who refi homes are more mature than that, by nature. They might do it as a strategy but not as a nasty prank.

No one attacks this place unless they have something to gain, and the most obvious gain would be sales of stuff to prevent further attacks. Right? Or am I magic-bulleting this thing to death?


wamk said...

First off, I have to comment on the "labels" tag at the end of your post. "Conspiracy", and "logic" side-by-side. Unintentionally hilarious.

Back to my comment on the post. You are clearly missing the obvious answer to the "slow" computers. It's the evil Bu$hCo doing their warrantless wiretaps and using the Patriot Act to snoop into your company business.

Sure, sure, they'll use the old excuse of "We're just double checking to make sure there aren't any known *ahem* terrorists trying to get a HELOC, or refi their interest-only 5 yr adjustable ARM", but we really know what they are doing, right?


wamk said...

Hey, I forgot to ask..

How did you like "The Sopranos" the other night?

Danielk said...

I hate to admit it, but I admire THE SOPRANOS more as an idea than an actual show. Plus the violence creeped my wife out. I haven't seen a full episode since the 90's.

Love the ending though, from what I've heard. I cover it in my OTHER blog, TPN:: BOX OFFICE WEEKLY. Thanks for the opportunity to cross-plug!

Skot said...

Just saw PIRATES 3 a few nights ago, Man, you aren't exaggerating for effect! s-l-o-w and talky and confusing and s-l-o-w. Gives you plenty of time to marvel at the detailed sets and costumes.