Monday, June 25, 2007

Secure, Undisclosed Locution

The Vice-President's office, it turns out, isn't part of the executive branch. Who knew!

This position, taken by Dick Cheney in reponse to requests that he turn over documents required by long established federal law, isn't flying. The panel on Fox News Sunday for example, mostly laughed it off. Even Britt Hume said it was "dumb." William Kristol thought it made perfect sense. He started the Iraq war, you know.

If people who work for Fox News disagree with Dick Cheney, then Cheney is wrong. I'm saying this because they all are risking a smear campagin, getting shot in the face or both.


Update: "Either Wednesday or Thursday my amendment will be on the floor, because the funding for the executive branch is on the floor. And I’ll strike the money for the Vice President’s Office. He can live off the Senate presidency budget that funds him up here. And that’s fine. But if he’s going to be funded in the executive branch, he complies with the rules that apply to everybody. He is not above the rules of the executive branch. " - Rahm Emmanuel

Harry Shearer pointed out on LeShow this weekend that Dick Cheney has spent his entire career attempting to restore power to the executive branch, making him perhaps the most selfless man in politics - he's the only politician ever to make his life's work giving power to others.

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