Thursday, June 07, 2007

Topics Of Discussion

We are deployed in Iraq right now to protect Iraqis. Most Iraqis are Muslims. Muslims are Islamists, who want all Christians dead. So why are we in there again?

I cn has wrt bowt LOLcats, but do not want! 2 late! I is bhind yr curve, exploitn yr memes.

Bush tackled immigration and now EVERYBODY hates him. He could have stuck with gays and done pretty well. What was he thinking?

My wife was working in San Diego last month - there is a weather phenomenon there called "May Grey" in which every day in May is overcast. Here in L.A. we call it "June Gloom" because I guess summer starts a month later the farther up North you are. So Skot - is there a word for it in San Francisco, like "Aug-ust Fog?" Or do you bother, because it's all year round?

Is it just me, or is Warner Todd Huston overreacting?


GWK said...

piker, i thought this string died when we were discussing it over at WAMK, especially since you stated you have relatives who are Muslim.

Muslim EXTREMEISTS want ALL people (not just Christians) to either convert to Islam, or be killed.

This, unless you are an Islamic Extremeist, means you, as well as me, as well as anyone in the world who does not bow down to their "religion".

Isn't the fact that Saddam, while in power, killed approximately 600,000+ of his own people enough reason alone to be there? Can you say genocide?

Or is it because they are "just" Muslim (not really humans, you know), their lives are worth less than anyone else's?

Danielk said...

This offers further proof that sarcasm is a lousy jumping-off point for serious discussion. My point in that item was that I seldom see pro-war folks making the distinction between extremists and common Muslims. Witness Glenn Beck's famous question to Congressman Morrison.

So the topic is designed to short-circuit people who, unlike you GWK, fail to make the distinction. What about the other topics in the post? Anything grab ya there?

Danielk said...

BTW, re Mr. Hussein - okay that's why we went in. I think we should remain fighting until it's certain that he won't return.

Skot said...

Apropos the weather patterns up here: There aren't any cutesy newscaster names for the unrelenting fog that slams in mid-june and stays 'til september. The local weatherfolk call it "The Summer Weather Pattern:" Fog on the coast, heavy locally, temperatures ranging from lower 60s at the beaches to near the century mark in the inland valleys. Repeat endlessly 'til Indian Summer.