Friday, July 20, 2007

The D-Word

I'm getting divorced, all right? That's why I haven't been writing much lately.

Just signed the papers last night, which means now the part that everyone loves begins - negotiating who gets what appliances, which CDs and so on. Music isn't going to be very difficult because we had very, very different tastes in music. The hardest part of DVD shares will be determining who has to keep the ones NEITHER of us likes. How did those get in there?

We were married for a little over 14 years.

Financially we look to be okay. I think both of us are walking away from the union with more than what we had when we met, which means the whole thing turned a profit. Bright side!

Irreconcilable differences. It's the only reason you need in California.

If you enjoy reading this blog, bear with me for a few more weeks and I should be back to speed. Right now I'm embroiled in detail work, the kind that I started writing blogs to avoid doing. I'll be back though. And I won't really be gone either, because I can use the therapy of posting once in a while.

(P.S. I'm not normally this shameless, but if you're a woman who reads this, drop me a line about my profile picture to tell me that I'm totally hot. A little of that goes a long way in these circumstances.)


GWK said...

Piker, truly sorry to hear this. Altho I enjoy joking with you back & forth on various subjects, I feel for you, and I have been thru 2 myself. As a recent (2.5 yrs.) beleiver in Christ Jesus (before both unions), I now know this is not what He wants for us - death till us part.

However, I feel ya, bro...It's never what we expect when we marry. And of course, most of us (Ms. McCartney excluded) don't marry for the $$ reasons.

God Bless you, Piker...

wamk said...


Bummer to hear this. Keep your chin up, and I know you'll get thru the bad stuff. If we lived in the same town, I'd buy you an adult beverage or four.

I'd introduce you to a couple of crazy hot single girls, but they are Republicans!

Best thoughts and wishes coming your way..

AmeriDan said...


My prayers and best wishes to you. You're a good guy and you will be fine.

I've had a "D" or two myself. Not fun. But you are strong. You will get through it, and be stronger from it.

Best regards to you Piker.


Jimmy Carter said...

I hear ya....


Danielk said...

As I said on Keys, thanks for all the kind words; WAMK I appreciate the offer of introductions, but if I wanted to argue with a woman all the time...

The Interface said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear this. Best regards.

Skot said...

Wow. Politicized sympathy notes. This is by far the oddest thing I've seen on these pages.

Still, nice of Jimmy Carter to take time out of building houses to chime in.