Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Paris Burning?

More YouTube linkage! I have been commenting elsewhere about the McCain oppo ad seen below.

All the attention is going to the truly odd decision to include clips of Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears near the beginning. It's a little sequence that goes starlet*fade*starlet*fade*Obama. The obvious message, the one that my right-wing pals are buying, is that like these other two figures, Obama is famous and good-looking but without substance. I had responded that the juxtaposition was a sneaky attempt to make us afraid that Obama would take our white women. We're all wrong.

Mea culpa - I hadn't actually seen the ad.

I had read about it but we don't have flash installed at work, so I didn't get to actually WATCH it until just now. The blondes are nothing more than magician's assistants, meant to distract us from the real message of the ad.

Watch it again, and pretend you don't speak English. Without the narration, which has little to do with the visuals anyway, you're left with this - a mob of millions of people chanting Obama's name, ominous music, and say, wasn't he speaking in GERMANY last week?

That's right, the point of the ad is that Obama is Hitler. Not the cerebral point but the important, deep-in-your-amygdala point. Kudos to the clever ad people who figured out how to keep you from noticing. I'd say it was the people who got Bush elected, but I can't imagine McCain would work with those guys after the 2000 primaries. He sure did learn from 'em though!

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