Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maybe I Won't Move To Orange County

This billboard, with the Twin Towers burning on the left, has gone up in Orange County, Florida. Oddly, the incident referenced happened while Republicans were running every branch of government. Kind of counter-intuitive, I'd say.

What is the Republican Song anyway? Queen of Denial.


Danielk said...

Full disclosure: the billboard is the work of a singer who is actually pushing (as tastelessly as possible, it seems) a record called THE REPUBLICAN SONG. So he doesn't speak for all Republicans, let alone Pam Tillis. Oh, who will speak for Pam Tillis?

BadTux said...

And note that this has nothing to do with the original song entitled "The Republican Song", which was a satire on how Republicans think and predates this sh*t by at least nine years. Heh. You'd think the dude would at least do a quicky Google before setting up his domain to make sure there wasn't someone else out there who'd get peeved!