Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Right Meets Left In the Neutral Zone For Steaks

So Madeline's Dad is in town this week (actually he's in region, but I persuaded him to drive into town) for dinner. Actually, he persuaded me to come out and meet him, because he's a more sociable guy than I am. In any event, he drove from Orange County and I drove from the San Fernando Valley and we met at Sunset Plaza, one of the least gay parts of West Hollywood.

We wound up eating at BLT Steakhouse, a pricey but exquisite steak place that doesn't, of course, serve BLT's: the initials stand for Bistro Laurent Tourondel. If you want bacon, you better order it raw, wrapped around a duck liver. I went widely off my diet for this meal. I think even my goatee gained weight.

MD (not his real name) is quite a guy. Pretty tall, and not a foaming-at-the-mouth conservative in real life. Then again we had the good sense to keep off politics, sticking to show biz, appreciative murmurs about the attractivness of the waitresses, and college drinkin' stories. After a while one of his old college buddies, also visiting from out of town, showed up and we all had good times.

It went so well, maybe I'll try to have coffee with Warner Todd Huston next.


GWK said...

See, Piker? We're not ALL bad...

Danielk said...

No, though all men are at least one quarter bad. And a tenth of all men are all bad. I may need to bring Zogby in on this.

GWK said...

And 90% of all statistics are 50% accurate.

You had a post recently about your height and the height's of your siblings.

You mentioned MD is pretty tall. Did he tell you I tower over him, at 6'5"? Probably not, as being the short brother, it's a sore subject with him, as well.

Danielk said...

Ah, you have given me a point of weakness, an achilles heel. I suppose actually it wouldn't be a heel, it's more of a flat or a "mule", but you get my intentions.