Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reevaluating Steely Dan's Copycats

I'm going to back down from my snarky tribute band comments last week to give props to PretzelLogic, the Steely Dan tribute band at the park tonight. They rock! And it's not the easiest material to rock with.

I suppose I'm more impressed with these guys because if you hear a Beatles song done well, it's easy to ignore. The sound of Beatles is like breathing, it's so familiar. Steely Dan, to quote Steely Dan, is the mechanized hum of another world. It LOOKS more difficult.

Badly typed on my iPod

** Nota Bene: Early in the show, these four teenage boys on skateboards stopped near me (I was situated near the edge of the crowd) and one of them said, "who's playin'?" I told them it was a Steely Dan cover band. They laughed and skated away. With them, they took the last trace of my perceived hipness.

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