Thursday, July 24, 2008

Man Bites Dog - Hot Dog!

I have been looking for my golden counter-argument to this liberal-media-bias talking point about the disparate coverage given to Barack Obama's campaign. After all, if dozens of reporters show up for Obama's appearance in Baghdad and only one greets McCain in New Hampshire, there can only be one explanation, right? What could drive the far left nutroot journalists out to see McSame, anyway?

1. "Look Smitty! It says here McCain will be touring New Hampshire! And after Obama made that big deal about McCain not being in New Hampshire for over 900 days! That's news! Send all our guys out there now!"

2. "New Hampshire! We've got a bureau out there anyhow, covering the recent rash of bears coming out of the woods and knocking over trash cans. Let's send a few to this McCain thing."

3. "This is the story of the century - old white guy runs for President Of The United States! We gotta cover this like Dutch Boy paint!"

Point is, I guess, you can't blame everything on political bias. Look here, where MD complains that the coverage of John Edwards sex scandal isn't getting the attention of Larry Craig's sex scandal. Why is that, I wonder? I suppose that maybe there's less irony because Edwards didn't chair several committees seeking to limit heterosexual activity. I suppose because Edwards looks so much like a Ken Doll, the only surprise is how long it's taken to get a decent sex scandal outta him. Larry Craig, on the other hand... let's face it, it's news that a guy who looks like that would be involved in ANY kind of sex.

And by the way, wasn't it the liberal media who ran with the Clinton sex scandal stories for five solid years? Maybe it was only three solid years. In fact, this Edwards thing is such a non-issue that even Warner Todd Huston hasn't brought it up yet, and he's the king of liberal media bias accusations. He thinks the Weather Channel has an agenda. He avoids ESPN and gets all his sports from Fox.

Counting down to WTH's posting.


wamk said...

Couple of things.

1. It's not just "..dozens of reporters show up for Obama's appearance in Baghdad". It's the Nightly News Anchors of all three Networks.

2. I'm not complaining about the lack of coverage surrounding Edwards' alledged affair. My post was more along the lines of slow-down-and-look-at-the-car-wreck curiouisty, speculating on if Silky Pony is sleeping around. I merely posed the question asking if he and "Wide Stance" should receive the same scrutiny.

3. Just because the MSM has a left slant, doesn't mean they bury every story that shines poorly on the Left. It's kind of tough to bury the story of Clinton's indescretions when the House is holding impeachment hearings.

Danielk said...

Hard to ignore during the impeachment hearings, and it was all the MSM could do to keep the lid on the story for the five years preceding. I recall how shocked I was to learn about it the the week they brought charges. Complete surprise.