Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New Strategy - How DARE Obama Raise MONEY!

Meanwhile, unbiased independent Matt Drudge rolls out a new talking point - Obama's fundraiser tonight is excessive because the market is crashing. (Just above that, by the way, headline: Dow Swings Up!)

This to me seems to be of a piece with the other anti-Obama strategies they've been trying: He's too famous! He's too good a speaker! He's too popular! He's too black! He's too white! They're all good shots in this respect - they're so out-of-left-field-crazy that you don't see 'em coming, and you're a fool to defend yourself against them. Suddenly one of them catches on, and you're knocked off balance by it. I think the goal of this one is to make Obama defensive about raising money, which is a pretty evil little trick. Yesterday I read on Huston's blog that Obama charges more for campaign souveniers. He thinks it's elitist. I think it's supply and demand.

You need a public which is willing to to accept the idea that you can be too popular to run for office (or whatever) to make this stuff work. You need people who are so blinded by hate (let's say, hate of Democrats) that they're willing to overlook the obvious reasons why no one has used these arguments before. If people hate Democrats enough, they can smear a veteran's war record while at the same time ignoring a President without one, AND accuse the Democrat of hating the troops that he actually was in.

Whenever the Democrats fail to stoop to this stuff I'm bugged that they're letting Republicans get away with it; and when they DO it I'm bugged even more. On the whole, it's better when we take the high road. I think. You want hatred of America? When these kinds of tactics work, I'm willing to say yeah, America deserves what it's getting.

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