Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Okay, This Is Just Stupid

Michael Douglas, appearing at the United Nations to talk about nuclear disarmament, made to answer questions about the current economic crisis.

After world leaders here condemned the "boundless greed" of world markets, Douglas was asked to compare nuclear Armageddon with the "financial Armageddon on Wall Street."

But the likening to Gekko did not end there, with a reporter asking: "Are you saying Gordon that greed is not good?"

"I'm not saying that," Douglas replied. "And my name is not Gordon. He's a character I played 20 years ago."
Just goes to show that bringing Michael Douglas to the UN for ANY reasons is a bad idea. I'm down with seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas discuss world hunger though. She's hot.


wamk said...

Just as stupid as a reporter asking Douglas about Wall Street:

Michael Douglas talking in front of the U.N. about nuclear disarmament.

He is qualified to speak at the U.N. about nukes based on what?

wamk said...

Now if one of the reporters had asked:

"Hey Richard Adams, when you were filming an interview, and you saw first hand what nuclear power gone awry could do, is that when you first thought you should speak out?"

Danielk said...

LOL. I gotta admit I share your distaste for famous actors meddling in politics. Their opinions carry undue weight.

On the other hand, I'm seeing Howie Mandel for a viral infection now, so maybe I'm being too hasty.

wamk said...

Come on!

You gotta love my "China Syndrome" reference there!!

I figured if anyone would have picked up on that, you would have!

Danielk said...

Dude! I said LOL. Of course I got it.