Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Really Enjoying the Comments Section This Week

There is so much to learn!

Science is corrupt. ACORN is one of the few things that doesn't have a liberal bias.

People are best convinced with the phrase "you're a fool!" Accusations of racism are best countered by global warming theory.

The WORDS used by spokespeople aren't important, what's important is what you think they meant.

Hillary Clinton is running for president in 2012.


Publius said...

Ha, I love it. You refuse to even comment on the globaloney falsification.

Look everyone, Piker just said "You're doing a heckuva Job Brownie" to the globalony liars!

Piker's religion absolves lies if they are for the right cause, I guess.

Danielk said...

By Zororaster, it makes me furious when you ridicule my religion!

Publius said...

LOL. I hate myself when I get all intolerant of other's benevolent religions.

Anonymous said...

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