Friday, November 06, 2009

This is What A Million People Looks Like

Here's a picture from yesterday's Teabagger rally in Washington. G. Gordon Liddy's radio producer, Franklin Raff, says it looks like a million people to him. Virginia Republican Eric Cantor estimates the number only in "the tens of thousands."
The liberally-biased hatemongers on the DC Police force say attendence was between 3000-4000 people. It's an easy mistake to make. Most people don't know that teabaggers are an elfin bunch, some of them no taller than Dick Morris. You can fit many more of them in a square foot than full-size human beings. This is why so many of them carry signs on sticks - to avoid being hit by cars. Or bicycles. Or kids on skateboards.


Numbers, numbers make us numb said...

This is what $787 billion looks like:


This is what $1.3 trillion looks like:


This is what $3.5 trillion in US debt held by othe countries loks like:


This is what 10 million illegal aliens look like:


To clarify.. said...

"tea party" is what the protesters call themselves at their rallies. "teabagging" is what you do with those guys you cruise from Craigslist.

I know it can be difficult to keep them straight. No pun intended.

Curious why you continue to use that phrasing. Even Keith and Rachael have stopped doing that.

Danielk said...

I use the phrasing because it still amuses me. But what's interesting is that you want to STOP using it. A few months ago you and your tiny brethren were insisting that there was nothing wrong with it.