Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Non-Racism: The Story Behind the Story

I was going to shrug this one off, a local story about inexpensive billboard space being used instead of Townhall.com for speech. It's racist in the broad sense that the whole talking point is racist (why isn't there a John McCain Is Panamanian talking point) but the illustration could just be infelicitous, not a racial caricature.

Anti-Obama Billboard

But then I read this.
The sign belongs to a car dealership. "Since Fort Hood, I've had it," owner Phil West told FOX 31 News Friday. "You can't suggest things. You can't profile. You gotta call a spade a spade."
Good grief! West can't possibly not be aware of the connotations of "spade." He's doing it on purpose, I say!

To be fair, Obama brought it on himself by shooting all those soldiers at Fort Hood. Well not him, his people. You know, they have a secret underground network. And they control the banks and the media.


Wamk said...

Makes me think of when Obama compared Palin to a pig on the campaign trail. Except in that instance, you had a different viewpoint.

How typical.

Danielk said...

Perhaps because he was calling Palin the lipstick. The Bush policies were the pig.

wamk said...

That's odd.

When it happened, you denied any intent on Obama's part, and dismissed it as an honest mistake.

Now you have the talking points lined up nicely.

Danielk said...

You should check out the archives of this blog, 9/15/08. Actually I'd encourage everyone to reread everything I've written, but this will have to do for now.

Wamk said...

You might also want to check your archieves from September 9 and 10, when you casually brushed his comments off as an honest mistake.

Or do you often forget what you write?

Or maybe you have trouble comprehending your own thoughts?

To change the subject a bit, I've been wondering about your thoughts on the leaked global warming emails. I'm sure you have been super busy, and unable to find the time to comment over at my blog. Maybe you can carve a few minutes out of your hectic schedule and tell us what you think?

Danielk said...

Gee sorry, I've been so busy lately I only have time to selectively ridicule your beliefs.

I brushed off the comments because the "controversy" was obviously a ginned-up attempt to smear Obama instead of a genuine belief that he had said something insulting. If you believe otherwise, and think the American people thought so too, then the results of the election indicate that Americans think Sarah Palin is a pig. Is that what you want to believe about Americans?

Wamk said...

So just to be clear, if Obama makes a comment that is interpreted by many to be extremely insulting, it's an honest mistake.

When someone who doesn't like Obama makes a comment that is interpreted by many to be extremely insulting it's racism.

Do I have it correct?

Walk said...

Still no comment on the leaked global warming emails?

I know it's easier for you to prove racism, and debunk sexism at the same time, but one would think it wouldn't be too difficult to jot down a few words on something so important to our very existence on Mother Earth.

Danielk said...

I'll give up the racism behind the sign point if you'll say, for the record, that you believe that this sign was not an attempt to insult Obama.

And dudes, I've given up trying to convince you about global warming. You believe that if it's chilly today, it proves there is no such thing.

Just the facts said...

Again, as with the lib's, facts mean nothing.

Cover-up's? Who cares?

Global warming? Sure!

You're a fool, 6percenter.

Danielk said...

Well, THAT was persuasive.

Walk said...

I'd say the sign is intended to embarass and insult Obama.

To the other topic, the guys who told us "the science is settled" are being shown to have manipulated, falsified, and hidden data. You don't feel that warrants a closer look into the numbers and the debate?

How enlightened of you.

Danielk said...

I am of the opinion that we sent men to the moon, even though there are people who have "evidence" that we haven't. Your experts are of a similar camp, only better financed.

Wamk said...

Piker, have you read anything about the emails?

Like who wrote them, and what they say?

Cause I don't think you have.

Danielk said...

Life is short. I also haven't read the complete text of Orly Taitz' legal filing. I never saw SMALL CHANGE, the documentary about the 9/11 conspiracy. You got to pick and choose, my friend.

Wamk said...

When proof is right in front of you, you choose to walk in the other direction.

When Bush opted not to re-evaluate as circumstances changed, he was ridiculed by the Left.

Your defense is that you are too busy?


No intellectual curiousity, or just scared to learn that you might have been misled?

Danielk said...

We've both been misled far more often by the right than we have by scientists.

Publius said...

I am struck with one odd part of your replies, Piker. It is patently OBVIOUS that the sign was an attempt to ridicule Obama, to cause people to question him, to insult him.

.... and so what?

And I agree with Wamk, it is telling that you have decided that it is somehow unimportant that scientists have been caught saying that they are lying about global warming and trying to fool people into accepting their admittedly false claims about global warming.

It just goes to show that liberalism is a religion. Even admissions from their high priests won't stop the "belief" that liberalism is right. No mere facts will get in the way of a true believer in liberalism.

So, I have a question, Piker.... do you liberal religionists have special vestments that you wear when you blog just so you can stay "in the moment" when espousing the word of god?

Just curious.

Alex Trebeck said...

I have a question, too. Which I have asked before.

Exactly what are you keepin' real, yo?

Danielk said...

Hey, good news! I finally read the piece. I had to dig a little... at first I thought you just wanted me to be convinced by this:


(Love the animation, love the cutting-edge musical selection)

But then I realized you meant this piece, and since you have so sold it as the thing that would devastate all global warming theory once and for all, I read it and replied.