Thursday, November 05, 2009

Speaking of Demonization

I mean for pete's sake! Let's just dial it down a notch!


hypocrisy, party of one, hypocrisy, party of one said...

Good thing there weren't ever any Lefties that displayed hateful things like this about Bush.

I sure miss those "dissent is patriotic" days of yesteryear.

Danielk said...

I just googled "privatize social security / burn in hell" and nothing came up.

Viagra said...

Is that why your wife left you?

Cause nothing came up??

Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

So anyway, yeah, I'm glad there wasn't anything disgraceful from the left about Sarah Palin, when she was added to the ticket last year, either.



Danielk said...

You know something? I just realized that you called this sign hateful and disgraceful. Thank you for that. I don't mind you acknowledging the leftist extremists as long as you acknowledge the ones on the right too.