Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Coke Addicts Underserved in SF

This is just not cool, man.

Coca-Cola is out, and soy milk is now part of San Francisco's official city policy.

Under an executive order from Mayor Gavin Newsom, Coke, Pepsi and Fanta Orange are no longer allowed in vending machines on city property, although their diet counterparts are - up to a point.
It could be worse - when I first read this I thought it was a city-wide ban, not a city-property-wide ban. So it's both restrictive AND ineffective. I mean in practical terms, it means if you're serving jury duty and you want the hard stuff (straight Coca-Cola instead of Coke Zero) you'll have to bring your own or buy it from the cafeteria. Will it stop you from being fat? No. You'll stop being fat when you value your health over your taste buds. And get some exercise, for God's sake.

Still, it's a fairly easy law to enforce, and if people are really desperate for sugar-based soda, the vending machine folk will turn to Shasta, which is less expensive. I bet at least right winger trumpets this law as proof that Obama is Hitler! Check back in a day.

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