Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Plan B May Not Be at Their Fingertips

Vote for us and I pledge we'll... uh, do good things that you like!

I betcha this video has something to do with the generic ballot swing to Democrats that Gallop cited this week. Better the devil that at least tells you what it's up to! The Republicans clearly have no ideas or worse, have ideas that they know you don't want them to put into motion.

By the way, hats off to David Gregory. He usually goes a little easy on the right, and I suspect the reason he's being so firm here is that he doesn't want them to lose. Fortunately he can't get blood from a stone.


Pollster.com said...

I thought it was best to use a source that aggregates all polls, otherwise it appears that one is cherry-picking to "prove" their agenda?


Danielk said...

Nice to see you putting effort into keeping ONE side honest, anyway.

Right you are, the Pollster.com poll has the Democrats down 2% from Republicans. But interestingly both numbers have been plummeting this week. What do you suppose that means? I think you guys are burning your lead.