Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Military is Just Like Muscular Dystrophy

I find this a little suspicious.

I love our troops as much as the next guy but I'm wondering how an extra $200k is going to help them, on top of the $534 billion we're spending this year already. I'm thinking maybe this has less to do with helping soldiers and more (much, much more) with helping these people. And I mean that literally - I think they are going to take home the lions' share of the donations.

If not, then sending undefined "care packages" to soldiers - $200k is aiming awfully low. How many troops are they intending to serve with this?

And I'm watching the video feed right now, and it looks pretty good. They have a studio, they have professional cameramen and sound men. And they mentioned a satellite feed. Unless everyone involved is working for free - I know the MDA people don't - then production alone has already eaten up the whole pie.

Well, I report and you decide. Send them money if you think Brietbart needs some.

***update*** well, at least the goal kept bumping up as they bilked more money out of supporters. I'm surfing the website to find out how much they made and there is a curious absense of a total anywhere. Not even a press release! Anybody know how much they made? Or was it all stuffed into briefcases before they could count it?

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