Friday, July 16, 2010

Plan B, Anyone?

A frequent Republican talking point has been that it's Obama's fault that the unemployment rate is so high right now. If you ask them what Obama should do instead, they'll usually change the subject. But if you press one hard enough, he'll say "Tax cuts!" Similarly, if you ask a Republican how to reduce the deficit, he'll say "Tax cuts!" Seems a bit counter-intuitive to me, like saying, "I want a raise! I'm going to walk right into Mr. Dither's office and DEMAND that he cut my pay!"

Anyway, back to the employment thing. If tax cuts lead to more jobs, why don't we have more jobs now? Bush is famous for lowering taxes. The stimulus program, currently famous on Fox News for having "not created a single job" included $2.75 billion in tax cuts. By now, we should have 1% unemployment.

And if Republicans believe in tax cuts, why didn't any of them vote for $2.75 billion dollars of them?

So my point is this: Say maybe, just maybe, more tax cuts wouldn't make the economy stronger. What else have you got?

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