Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good News For The Bush Administration!

Those guys fear investigations so much, but when one goes through, they come out okay.

A special prosecutor has decided not to bring any criminal charges in connection with the firing of a United States attorney in 2006 in a political controversy that dogged the George W. Bush administration until its final days, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.

The special prosecutor, Nora Dannehy in Connecticut, spent nearly two years investigating whether the firing of the United States attorney in New Mexico, David C. Iglesias, broke the law and whether Justice Department officials lied to Congress about it.

In the end, Ms. Dannehy concluded that while the politically motivated firing of Mr. Iglesias violated Justice Department principles, it was not a crime and did not warrant criminal charges. She also concluded that misleading statements made by the former attorney general, Alberto R. Gonzales, and others at the Justice Department did not rise to the level of a crime, according to a summary of the investigation sent to Congress by the Justice Department.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. accepted Ms. Dannehy’s decision, a Justice Department official said.

The decision brings to a close the last in a string of investigations into the Bush administration’s 2006 firings of nine United States attorneys, including Mr. Iglesias. The controversy led Democratic critics to charge that the Bush administration had politicized the Justice Department, and it spurred the resignation of Mr. Gonzales in August 2007.
See? Dude resigned for NOTHING! It's not like the actions rose to the level of a crime! But remember, it's the fault of Bush, for forcing an innocent man out of the job he was doing so very well. At least he was doing it within the bounds of legality.

Now they need to clear their names on that other black mark, the process that lead up to the Iraq war. If I were Karl Rove and Bush and Cheney (hear that steady buzz? It's his pulse!) I'd pony up money to get the grand jury set up, so historians can finally judge them innocent of wrongdoing.

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