Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Stand With Scott Walker So I Can Hold Up A Devil Horn Sign Behind His Head

I'm not as worked up about this as my liberal brethren are. It would be great if Walker had admitted to something illegal or at least deceptive (I was rooting for an admission of spiking the crowd with phony liberal plants) but he doesn't. He really doesn't share much in private than he would have in public, except for a few predictable strategy things.

As I said on my Twitter feed it's hardly a smoking gun; more like a lukewarm gun with fingerprints all over it.

Still, it's interesting to watch this play out. Walker took office last month and apparently this is his biggest priority, busting one of the state's unions. Not all of them (firefighters and police, who endorsed him, haven't gotten a bad word out of the man) and not necessarily working with the teachers to balance the budget, because they've agreed to a pay cut as long as they can retain collective bargaining rights.

It's not playing well for Walker, according to some sources. Probably because most Americans still support collective bargaining rights. But by God, Walker ain't gonna budge. Democracy isn't about compromise!

Well, technically it is. Leaders who don't compromise are generally referred to as "dictators" and its kind of been a bad year for those guys so far.

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