Friday, February 11, 2011

Some Catching Up to Do

Egypt: See? You can do regime change without spending 3 trillion dollars or killing Americans!

Chris Lee: Shouldn't have resigned. Obviously his marriage is in trouble. His personal life is messy. If we fired everybody who had that problem, unemployment would be closer to 80%. If he was stealing, or trying to pass laws against Craigslist, maybe I'd be singing a different tune; but this shirtless texting has nothing to do with one's ability to govern.

CPAC: It pains me to say this but I think dissention in the ranks is good for the Republican party. When they agreed on everything all the time they wound up going to some pretty nutty places instead of putting the brakes on. A little booing makes them stronger. And if that's how they become stronger, great. I have no quarrel with the sensible Republicans, just the extremist ones. Protest mitigates extremism.

I used to complain that there was no difference between the two parties; now I see that time as the Golden Age.

LA KARAOKE CAST: You haven't heard of this, because they haven't got it off the ground yet. My favorite Karaoke outfit Seize the Mic Entertainment was experimenting last night with U-Stream, potentially making my performance of Spandau Ballet's True available to Tunisians. I'm still on the fence with this one, even though I totally rocked True. They promised me they will allow shy singers to opt out, because after all anything that goes on the internet is potentially forever trapped in digital amber. Even if no one is watching live, that don't mean they won't later. And if you think a picture of Brent Favre's junk is bad for a career, imagine a wobbly rendition of New York New York. Anyway, it's moot as of right now because they couldn't iron out the kinks by the time I left. Which is a shame because, did I mention? I totally rocked True.

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