Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No, It's Never Too Soon

Guns are feeling really bad after that Giffords shooting. It wasn't their fault! Guns don't kill people, fans of people kill people! And that's why Arizona is taking the initiative to cheer guns up, with a little honorarium.

Sponsored by 43 of the 90 members of the Arizona legislature, the new bill seeks to make the Colt single-action Army revolver the "official state firearm" of Arizona. In January, lawmakers in Utah moved to make M1911 semi-automatic pistol the official gun of that state.

In a Facebook group advocating for all states to adopt official state guns, the administrator writes, "States have symbols such as flags, birds, dinosaurs, reptiles, insects, flowers, even cookware. None of these symbols would have become necessary without guns and the freedoms they helped our forefathers obtain."
Oh America and her necessary symbols!

That's so sweet! Buck up, guns! Maybe in a couple of years, another state will bestow this honor on a Glock 19!

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