Monday, February 21, 2011

In Which Warner Todd Huston Calls Worse Than the KKK, and Complains About Incivility

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Daniel Krause Is Move On illegal? Is PBS thanking them for money?

Warner Todd Huston I didn't say it was illegal. Let me put it this way, would you be upset that PBS was thanking the KKK for it's support?

Daniel Krause Yes I would. So you are equating with the KKK?

Warner Todd Huston Why not. What's the major difference between them?

Daniel Krause Oh how I was hoping you'd respond that way.

"So, what’s the answer to all of this? Mostly just ignore the name calling."

So really, you're advising people to ignore you.

Daniel Krause BTW, doesn't have a history of lynching people. That's a major difference.

Warner Todd Huston How is that name calling?

Moveon wants America destroyed and remade into something it is not. They are an enemy just as much as the KKK. Description is NOT name calling.

Of course, I know how you'd love that to be the case. After all, that w...ould make discussing your hate-America groups unassailable because any description of their efforts would be made un-discussed.

But you re right. The KKK is hardly that big a deal. Hardly anyone belongs to it. Moveon is far more dangerous. It has millions of dollars and thousands of wild-eyed, anti-American members.

So, you are right. I should not have said the KKK is like Moveon. Clearly Moveon is worse.See More

Ken Suminski (I'd like to see him weigh in more, but nothing so far)  No they don't lynch people, but the level of hatred they inspire is equal.

Daniel Krause So your complaint is that says hateful things. Then I should ignore you AND

Warner Todd Huston Free country. Ignore who you like. Me, I'd be happy if leftists ignore all of politics.

Daniel Krause You still haven't said what has done wrong, in your opinion. If criticizing politicians is anti-american then YOU'RE as bad as Moveon. And therefore, as bad as the KKK.

Warner Todd Huston They want to eliminate America as it is and turn it into something it isn't and should not be. They want capitalism hampered, government grown, and American liberties shackled. They want the USA turned into a less powerful version of Europe....

As to your claim that I am as bad as the KKK, I have no doubt you think that way. So your saying so is not surprising.See More

Daniel Krause I don't think you're as bad as the KKK. You do. I think you're kinda charming.

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