Monday, February 21, 2011

Update to Warner Huston's Civility Posting - Not Warner Speaking This Time

MOVEON.ORG IS as bad as the Nazis!

Doug Hackett Both groups, MoveOn and the KKK base a argument on half truth, emotion (useually hate) and attempt to silence those who oppose thier ideology through intimidation and threats.

As a Historian, I understand what the impact is when a handful of extemists are out there preaching to the masses who are too busy living life to pay attention to what the real truth is. The old saying goes, say it often and long enough and it becomes a fact. It does not matter if MoveOn does not lynch people like the KKK, what they stand for could lead to such an offense happening. How many times have you seen signs with kill Bush or kill Rush at leftwing demonstrations. Right now you can turn on news of WI demonstration and the signs are packed with very hateful comments. If a this was a right wing demonstration, the mass news media would be running endless video and Joy Behar would be foaming at the mouth on the View.

Now you might say, I seriously doubht that MoveOn could incite violence, well, many siciologists have a hard time understanding how an entire nation would march 10 million people to the gas chambers. So my answer to you is, my argument is oppose all extremists whomever they are in whatever mask they wear because we have had enough lynching and Dachau's.

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