Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aloha Glenn

Today marks Glenn Beck's final broadcast on lamestream media outlet Fox News - after it's over (I mean RIGHT AFTER) he fires up GBTV, his online media empire. Online media empires are fun! I have one.

Anyway, Beck was so astute it's amazing Fox is letting him go. Who can forget last year's "summer of rage?"

Where were you when it broke out? I stayed indoors and missed it. Glad they didn't set MY building on fire!
And wow, that hyperinflation has really hurt us since Obama came into office huh?

Goodness now that my paper money is useless scrip, I had to sell my fillings just to get in line for a loaf of bread!

Of course, it's even worse now that we're under Sharia Law.

Glenn says GBTV is going to take off like a rocket! Keep your eyes slightly over the horizon for that.

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